The first step is the hardest

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Sitting here, writing this, I reflect upon my past experiences and I’m reminded of the movie Collateral with Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. In the movie Jamie Foxx plays a taxi driver who has grand plans of starting a luxury car service. He’s done research on the cars, thought out the service, spends his spare minutes reviewing his plans but it takes Tom Cruise’s character to point out that Jamie is afraid to take the next step. I know the feeling.

Becoming an entrepreneur is hard. You have to have the right mindset. In the past I thought it was all about the money. I was wrong. Starting a business is about passion. The first step is the hardest with the fear of the unknown having a paralysing effect. So how then do you overcome these obstacles? Here three simple tips:

  1. Do your homework – whatever your brilliant idea may be, ensure that you’ve done your research honestly.┬áSpeak with prospective clients but don’t give away too much about your plans. Every prospective client thinks that an idea that can help them is great up until the moment they have to pay for it.
  2. Be lean – ensure that everything you do you is the bare essentials. If you are building a SaaS platform, don’t fork out for flashy dedicated servers when you can use Google App Engine for peanuts. Don’t rent office space when you can work from your spare room (or Starbucks). Think like a beggar, be frugal and smart: bootstrap.
  3. Do something everyday – if you are keeping your day job while building your empire, set aside some time everyday to work on your business. Remember this is your baby, no one else will raise it for you.

Remember, being afraid is natural but facing your fears makes you stronger. Just give it a go.