We started our mission on the first day of 2014. After years of seeing non-technical founders struggle with agencies who thrust them into the one size fits all model we decided to become partners with founders instead of treating them like commodities. 

We follow our principles, work hard and have fun all while working towards the unified goal of our clients.


“We are partners, not consultants.”


When we sign on with a client, the universal "we" is extended because our team becomes an integral part of your team.


Your vision will be the lighthouse guiding our way but our experience will man the sails to ensure we get to the correct destination.


When you succeed, we succeed so our prime directive is to make things happen so that success is a by-product of proper planning and execution.

Our Mission

To stand alongside founders and transform ideas into successful businesses by questioning everything, testing and iterating while doing it with integrity.

What our customers say about us

Our Principles

We follow a simple set of principles that help us and our partners build strong alliances and businesses.

  1. Be honest. This may sound sound strange but all too often we aren't honest enough to say or do the tough things. We let everyone we work with know upfront that no matter how much it may sting sometimes, having clear, honest, open exchanges is best.
  2. Know when the horse is dead. It's hard to sometimes accept that your brilliant idea isn't working but it's important to know when you either have to move on or pivot.
  3. We are a team so transparency and communication is key. The old adage of "there is no i in team" is essential. To win you have to work as a single unit with everyone being on the same page. Communicating details to everyone keeps everyone working towards the same goal.
  4. Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS). Global domination starts with a single action, enough of those actions create effective and lasting change. Clear concise plans and communications ensure that execution is understood and smooth.
  5. Be ethical. As humans we have a natural urge to win but don't sacrifice morals and principles for the sake of winning.
  6. Have fun. Working hard and being dedicated doesn't mean that you can't have fun along the way. “It's like a finger pointing away to the moon. Dont concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.” - Bruce Lee (How could we not quote Bruce Lee?)

The Team


Donnie Bachan


A technologist with nearly 20 years of experience and a passion for helping teams build strong businesses. 


Kerron Andrews


Experienced operations manager and strategy consultant helping both small and large teams do big things.


Arvid Silic

Head of Development

A passion for coding and experience writing software for banks, he helps turn ideas in to software.


Bimal Parayil

Head of Development - India

A passionate techie with a mind for creative ideas and expertise in management and implementation.


Lamija Jakubovic


Our creative lead and design guru. Lamija's keen eye for detail and understanding of customer behaviour is second to none.


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