On mediocrity

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Apparently, mediocrity is a virus. It is even worse than that though, in today’s society it appears to be the accepted truth. We start everything with perfection in mind but somewhere in our journey we settle for good enough. In business, mediocrity can be a killer. It may not happen immediately but it happens eventually. So how then can one move past and kill this virus?

1. Pick your battles

One perfect feature is better than fifteen average features. Trying not to do everything helps focus resources and quality.

2. Just say no

This isn’t just the slogan for the war on drugs, it’s important to recognise priorities and saying no to things that aren’t part of your goals ensures your focus is in the correct place.

3. Demand the best

Iterate quickly doesn’t mean iterate poorly. The one thing I loved about Steve Jobs was how strict he was on attention to detail. Details are important and the people around you need to know that. Don’t just allow it to be nice.


Now go forth and be better, always.