Love Mondays

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One of my favourite TV ads is the “Love Mondays” ad. The premise is that for you to love Mondays again you need to find the right job. This makes perfect sense and the people who came up with that should have received a bonus! But, is a job what you need?

In London there is a huge push for people straight out of school to be the new rockstars which is great but there is something to be said for slugging it out in a profession for a few years. You may have picked up bad habits over the years but often you learn a lot about your industry and have practical experience in things that just aren’t taught at school.

So, you’ve been working for other people for 10 years and you’ve got your own ideas, you want to be your own boss, what’s stopping you? We know that the first step is the hardest but if you never take that step you’ll be in the same situation (maybe a different company) in another 10 years. It’s never too late to start a business but we know it can be a daunting task to go it alone. The good thing is that all those young guns have made it much easier to get support when starting a business. Here are some things that can help you take the first steps of your journey.

Don’t forget we also partner with early staging founders to build great products and businesses, so if you have and idea and not sure what to do or need to execute on our plans, get in touch today.