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SENUP is an EdTech platform for online learning and
personal development of children with special needs.

Not all disabilities are visible and advancements in technology and education neglect people with special learning needs. Through our research and interviews, we found that parents with children who have additional needs are extremely overwhelmed because 1. They do not have the expertise/skill and time to take care of a special child on their own.2. They do not know who can they speak to for help or where to find the right experts. This lack of awareness of parents leads to a lack of timely & appropriate support for children, in turn leading to them developing severe mental problems. Our platform will support families through every step of diagnosing, understanding, and raising a child with additional needs, starting with Autism in the UK. Statistically (, every 8th child in the UK alone has a special need and less than 3% are currently getting specialized support they need. Moreover, children with SEN have been pushed back 2 years because of COVID. According to trends, 99% of them will be unemployed because of that and we are not going to let that happen.

Sapan Gupta & Jeremy Trabaud

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