Six Berries

How we work

At SixBerries, our experience working with startups have helped us conclude that most of the startups fall in one of the 3 categories:

  • A business idea but no funding secured
  • A business idea with secured funding
  • A business idea and a partially built system but lacking technical expertise for the
    journey ahead

Instead of opting for “one size fits all” strategy, we look at the individual cases and after an
in-depth conversation with the founder(s) and studying their vision, we suggest a strategy that
will allow them to turn their business idea into a successful product, one which allows them to
generate revenue which is significant for any type of business.

At SixBerries, we have built a strong network of VCs and investors that are always on the
lookout for investing their capital in the next big idea. This along with a team of
technologists (CTO, Architects, Developers and UI/UX experts) allows us to provide a strategy
which empowers the startups to turn their ideas into fruition.

"We are partners! Not consultants."

"We are partners! Not consultants."

This is a motto which we have successfully inculcated at SixBerries. This mindset allows us to seamlessly integrate with the client’s wider team and foster a sense of trust and transparency. As a result, over the period of time, they see SixBerries as a part of their team.

This strategy however, simple it may look on the outside but has allowed SixBerries to help her clients succeed in building profitable businesses.