Branding, what’s your story?

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The other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about my brand, SixBerries. “So, why SixBerries?”, he quizzed. My answer didn’t impress him and we had a discussion about what makes a good story for your brand. My story is simple and personal. I was born with twelve fingers, six on each hand, so when I … Read More

3 reasons your software project fails

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Between 30% and 70% of software¬†projects fail. That’s a massive spread but even on the lower end it’s still an incredibly high failure rate. What’s even more disturbing is while software tools, platforms and resources have improved and become more available projects still seem to fail at an alarmingly high rate. You may think that your project eventually got completed, … Read More

Prototypes are a must have

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A major mistake that non-technical founders make is forgetting to prototype their big idea before attempting to find developers to build their product. Prototyping is an extremely important tool, not only for translating a vision into something tangible but it can help with the early stages of idea validation and product development. The old adage of a picture being worth … Read More