Six Berries


The home of real estate information.


With a concept similar to Airbnb but for the creative artists,

Tutti allows artists to book a space. At the same time, Tutti provides a platform for the host to better manage their customers by directly interacting with them and also manage their own bookings.

The Challenge

How to handle the UX effectively is the crucial factor for any web application. Changing the UI/UX in order to make it more appealing for the end customer but without necessarily changing the core logic was a challenge SixBerries started off with to find a solution.

Besides, providing an effective solution for dividing the huge information about the space in the form of smaller components or a meaningful system for gathering information about the spaces was also something that we had to factor in our solution.

How we helped

Initially there was a lot of brainstorming between designers, developers from SixBerries and after that a final design along with a development approach was presented.

The development team started off with changing the look and feel of application. They came up with an unusual UX view to make it more appealing to its customers. The developers had to find and develop an innovative idea in order to allow Hosts to create a space in the application. Furthermore, the team had to change the way of communication between Hosts and Artists during the space bookings.

On the backend front, team used the advance database techniques to get meaningful search results which improved the overall customer experience of the application.