Six Berries

Harper Concierge

Harper Concierge is a luxury fashion delivery service that is changing the customer shopping experience.

The Challenge

Initially, Harper started as a marketplace, aggregating multiple brands into one website and having a customised checkout journey. After building an mvp and getting customer and partner feedback the business model changed from being an aggregator to integrating directly into the partner websites and e-commerce channels.

How we helped

Assuming the role of CTO, we worked with the Harper team to understand their goals and audience and came up with a technology solution that allowed them to quickly integrate with brands as well as laying the groundwork for building a platform that will help them scale.

Version One

The first version of the rebuild allowed Harper to integrate into Shopify and Magento brands by becoming a delivery option within the checkout allowing customers to seamlessly checkout on the brand’s website.

Version Two

After further learnings, analytics and customer feedback we identified an opportunity to improve the checkout process for the customer and to reduce integration complexity. This evolved into the “Checkout with Harper” system, which allows customers to quickly checkout without needing to add payment information in a slick and mobile responsive UI.

From the Team


SixBerries has been invaluable to Harper. As a non-technical founder, they took all the stress away from our tech development allowing the team and I to focus on growing the business. However, the value they provide far exceeds the tech. They approach problems pragmatically and apply their vast startup experience along with a real commercial awareness. They’ve even opened up their network and provided a number of useful connections. Thanks Donnie and the team, couldn’t do it without you!