Six Berries


Gophr is UK’s smartest delivery network that help customers in delivering parcels quicker and at competitive costs. Their aim is to bring transparency, efficiency and speed to the courier industry. In 2020, they were nominated as the finalists for FSB Awards London in Business and Product Innovation of the year category.

The Challenge

Design and Develop an omni-channel simple and slick UX/UI for new/existing customers.

How we helped

Gophr has complex integrations and workflows. This was exposed to end users using a web based UI which was loaded with features but challenging for a new customer to be on-boarded. The UI was cool but it required overhaul to be slick for new users as well as existing customers. Moreover, they wanted to get the first phase in less than 3 months so that they could showcase it to their prospective international investor.
We started with MVP’s, designing wireframes for UX/UI. After comprehending the integrations and workflows, the wireframes were created keeping omnichannel rendering as one of the goals.

With the relentless effort from the entire team: designers to developers, SixBerries was able to deliver the new UX/UI which was not only visually appealing but also simple to navigate and understand as well as and slick for new and existing customers. With such an User-friendly UI from SixBerries, Gophr was able to ensure maximum engagement from the end users.