Good Reviews, Bad Reviews

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I’m still amazed by businesses that don’t want to show negative reviews about their products or service. Here’s my advice to you: Good Reviews are good for your ego. Bad Reviews are good for your business. And that’s all I have to say about that!

Choosing the right technology platform

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So there are a thousand ways to build that killer app but how do you choose which technology to use? I don’t believe there is a one size fits all technology platform. You are somewhat limited within the mobile space because, strictly speaking, you have to construct your applications using the tool kits provided by the mobile device manufacturers (although … Read More

What is your job?

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Today I did something reckless; I emphatically agreed with one point of view without first hearing the opposing argument and that was wrong. The first article, your job is not to code, written by Andrés Osinski, asserts that the role of a programmer should be more than just a code monkey but a requirements gatherer and communicator. The opposing view point (the … Read More

Do you need a CTO or a Technical Co-founder?

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I’ve recently seen the phrase “CTO Co-founder needed” listed on many of the popular startup job sites. On reading the descriptions it quickly becomes apparent that these businesses aren’t looking for a CTO in the traditional sense but are looking for a technical co-founder. I understand the need to use the term CTO. It seems more attractive, cool and very important … Read More

Startup jobs and your stock options

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Being an early employee at a startup is always an awesome thing. You are hungry to take on the world and you’ve been given a lot of awesome perks, one of them being a stock option certificate. If you are like most people you probably just filed this will all your other paperwork and didn’t pay much attention or you … Read More

Teaching a man to fish

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When I was a child I was told a quote I have embraced through my life. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime I take this approach with everything I do. Sharing knowledge is the greatest gift one can give. The empowerment that comes with … Read More

What to do when your idea is taken

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I’m sure it’s happened to you; you have a great idea and get all excited only to find out someone else is doing exactly the same thing. It’s depressing, I know, your dreams of billions are shattered and your life seems duller. But, is the fact that someone else is doing something similar to what you want to do reason … Read More

Prototypes are a must have

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A major mistake that non-technical founders make is forgetting to prototype their big idea before attempting to find developers to build their product. Prototyping is an extremely important tool, not only for translating a vision into something tangible but it can help with the early stages of idea validation and product development. The old adage of a picture being worth … Read More

The first step is the hardest

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Sitting here, writing this, I reflect upon my past experiences and I’m reminded of the movie Collateral with Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. In the movie Jamie Foxx plays a taxi driver who has grand plans of starting a luxury car service. He’s done research on the cars, thought out the service, spends his spare minutes reviewing his plans but … Read More