Labs is our business launchpad. We conceptualise, design, prototype, build, test and iterate ideas.

We are geeks at heart who love to try new ideas. We experiment with internal ideas or partner with select people to bring ideas to life.


Some of our current projects


Business Trainer Hub is a marketplace for professional business trainers. It aims to disrupt the traditional model for hiring learning and development.


Sparrow is a call forwarding service for the solo-preneur. It's a simple and low cost way to appear like a more established business to prospective clients.


Ever forget your MOT or wedding anniversary? Well aReminder.co is a smart reminder service that helps users to remember the things that they always forget.

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Do you have an idea that you're interested in testing? Something you've always wanted to do or some problem you think you have the solution to solve? Don't just sit on it. 

We are a non-traditional incubator that invests our experience and passion into building businesses.

Get in touch and let's chat about your idea.

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