Starting a business is hard. Our non-traditional model supports founders from idea through to growth. We provide not only technical leadership but 360 support across all areas of  the business.

We also support early stage start-ups via a co-investment model.

Plan, design, test, learn and iterate.

We champion an iterative approach and lean thinking.  We will work with you to research, analyse and expand on your idea.


Together we will create a  product spec, define the mvp, define the audience and create a visual design.


We will then assemble a team to execute on the specification. Our team will then support you through the testing and launch phase.

Some of the start-ups we've helped

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Beyond the Product

Having a product or defining a service is usually just the start of the journey. Knowing and reaching your customers, gaining insights, customer service, hiring, managing staff, legal, marketing and raising investment are all challenges that need to be planned and executed. 

Our team and network are here to help founders not only build products but successful businesses. Ready to learn more?

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Following your passion can get expensive quickly and getting investment isn't always easy. To help early stage start-ups we are happy to invest resources up to 50% of the project value in exchange for a small amount of equity.

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Some of our investments

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